About Hobgoblin3D

At Hobgoblin HG3D we aim to provide the best quality 3D printables for tabletop games. This means that each of our art goblins are chained to a desk day and night, prodded with sharp sticks, and fed on a nutritious diet of chicken bones, and pizza crust, until they have created the best looking 3D sculpts for your tabletop escapades! We refuse to let them clone an item, and then tweak a small detail, oh no sir, that sort of slipshod practice just won’t do for us! We ensure that our art goblins put their all into creating unique items every time!


We also ensure that rigorous testing is committed to the 3D prints before they go live on our site, both in house and with our excellent QA testers around the world. This means you get items that print with minimal fuss every time, we even provide recommended settings with every download!


Hobgoblin 3D is Based in Middlesbrough in the UK, and is staffed by a highly experienced team with backgrounds in 3D graphics, 2D design, photography, concept art, engineering, and a whole kaboodle of XP spent in just the right places.