Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our F.A.Q page! Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about our website and 3D Printing.

If you need more information or the questions below do not answer your query please contact us at with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can 🙂

General Questions

I've forgotten my password

No problem, Just click here and enter the email you signed up with. You will be sent an email containing a link to change your password.

What payment methods are available?

You can purchase our products using Paypal or Credit card via Worldpay 🙂

how do i become a QA Tester?

Of-course! We are always looking for community input when it comes to the products we release. If you’d like to become a QA Tester for Hobgoblin3D or would like more information, please contact

How do you handle refunds?

We do offer refunds on items but given the nature of digital files we have set out some requirements, you can find more about refunds in the product T&Cs

Do you cap the amount of times i can download and print your products?

Nope! Once you’ve bought a product its yours to download and print as many times as you want, the ultimate value for your money.

What size have the products been scaled to?

Every product has been scaled to suite 28mm play. That said, you can alter the size as you so please to fit other game systems. But do note if you do we can’t offer any technical support.

I want to sell your products! do you offer a commercial licence?

As of right now our product line can only be used for personal use, Please make sure to read over the product T&Cs found on every product page.

If you are interested in a commercial use licence please email

I want my products to glow, Do you support L.E.D integration?

We have started adding L.E.D variations to our products, If you’d like to see us make any alterations or offer a variant version of a current product which would be modified to support LEDs please do let us know at

3D Printing Questions

New to 3D Printing? Click here 🙂

What a time to be alive! 3D Printing is just starting to take off and nows the time to get into it. With each product we make, we create an instruction manual with recommended printing settings to help you achieve the print quality we do.

Not only that, we optimise each file for 3D Printing so you don’t need to worry about moving the orientation of the products or centering the pivot, all of that has been done for you 🙂

In addition to all of this if you ever want to talk about 3D Printing or get our opinion you can always contact us at We are more than happy to give you our opinions, thoughts and any advice we have.

Do you have a recommended 3D Printer?

We currently run two Prusa I3 MK2’s, The Kit build costs £629 but the detail level it achieves is fantastic. If you’re a tinkerer and don’t mind getting hands on we would whole hardheartedly recommend the Prusa I3 MK2.

Do you have a recommended Filament type/Supplier?

All of our products have been printed using PLA. We buy our Filament from Filaprint

Do you sell printed versions of your products?

As of right now we only offer the digital STL files of our products. If you do not have a 3D Printer you can use services like 3DHubs to get them printed off in your local area 🙂

I have a product i want creating, Can you design it?

We do take on paid client work, if you want a bespoke design please contact with the subject title ‘Bespoke Design Request’.

Is any shipping involved?

That’s the beauty of 3D printing, you don’t need to worry about shipping costs and time! Just set the printer going and wait for it to finish, no middle man needed.

Can you print a gun?

(Screaming Internally) Noooooooooooo…….