Raghaven Hamlet – The Campaign Collection


Hobgoblin-3D is proud to present to you the Raghaven Hamlet – Core Collection Bundle. This 3D Printed Bundle has been digitally sculpted, scaled to fit 28mm systems and optimised for Home Use 3D Printing.

This Bundle Pack contains the

  • The Wobbly Goblin Tavern
  • Barfly Bundle
  • Well Fed Bundle
  • Well Stocked Bundle
  • Travellers Carriage
  • Dungeon Bundle
  • Household Bundle
  • Storage Bundle

If you were to purchase each bundle pack individually it would cost over $195 saving you over $20

The Wobbly Goblin Tavern has been designed to be completely modular with over 180 unique STL files. Once built the Wobbly Goblin measures in at 50cm by 45cm in length and width allowing for interior gameplay.

The roofs are completely modular and are able to be lifted on and off as needed to reveal the interior and the windows and doors can be open and closed as they work off our built in hinge system.

Please Note: This is a 3D Printable STL file, you are not buying the printed product 

Warning: This Product has sharp corners, please build with care.

**EDIT** Instructions & Settings Manuals for the Tavern, Tim and Sign will be released on the 5th of April. 

HG3D_Wobbly_Goblin_Tavern_Settings_BookletHG3D_Tavern_Construction_Booklet 1Hobgoblin 3DLTD_Terms_Conditions

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Product Description

Hobgoblin-3D is proud to present to you the Wobbly Goblin Tavern Core Collection from the Raghaven Hamlet Kickstarter Line. This 3D Printed Building has been digitally sculpted, scaled to fit 28mm systems and optimised for Home Use 3D Printing.

One of our core focuses is to provide an affordable entry level into 3D Printable Miniatures and Terrain. Therefore we do not cap you on the amount of times you can download or print our products. Meaning after a one time purchase, Well Fed! Bundle will be added to the ‘Downloads’ section of your account with unlimited downloads. As a result, saving you both time and money

All of our miniatures have been verified and tested by our volunteer community quality testers. Above all we always have the community’s opinion at heart. If you’d like to volunteer and get your input on future products and get some QA perks please do check out our F.A.Q page!

This Purchase includes:

  • HG3D_Wobbly_Goblin_Tavern
  • HG3D_Tim_The_Barkeep
  • HG3D_Tavern Sign
  • HG3D_Bar_Fly_Bundle
  • HG3D_Well_Stocked_Bundle
  • HG3D_Well_Fed_Bundle
  • HG3D_Travellers_Carriage
  • HG3D_Dungeon_Bundle
  • HG3D_Household_Bundle
  • HG3D_Storage_Bundle


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